We’re focused on giving you the finest quality beauty products.

It's not just beauty stuff, it's Diva Stuff

Diva Stuff is a north Florida-based small business run by family and friends and founded by Kym Nadeau. It brings together Kym’s passion for arts and crafts with her love of potions and lotions.

A few years ago, Kym was inspired to develop a flu and cold-fighting product she called the ” Cold Kicker Lip Slicker” – an all-natural, lemon honey-flavored lip balm made with ingredients known to combat germs and bacteria.

Armed with extensive research on natural ingredients with other useful properties as well as skin care secrets from around the world, Kym began crafting new products, evolving and expanding the Diva Stuff line. An art teacher, she then brought her creations to school for her co-workers to try, and their enthusiastic reception convinced her to start selling them on eBay — where the accolades grew even further. Today, Diva Stuff is a thriving, growing brand with dozens of products from make-up to soap bars and everything in between.

And it’s all made in the U.S.A.!

Our products are still handmade, formulated to remain as natural as possible, and never tested on animals. Like us on Facebook to hear about new products and promotions and for a chance to win free products in weekly giveaways!


The Divas

Founder / President

Kym is the founder and creator of Diva Stuff LLC. She continues to concoct new formulations and products for Diva Stuff and other companies. She spends a lot of time researching cutting-edge ingredients sourced from around the world that are natural and cruelty free. She believes that Diva Stuff is a great fit for most consumers because her products are close to nature, without losing fragrance or color – all while being innovative and fun to use.


Mike is our Vice President who comes with expertise in Operations, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, Inspections and Facilitating. Through his experience and management training, he has developed a keen sense of coordinating expertise. Mike has over 22 years of experience in clinical research organization, clinical research software, facility management and project management. He lives in St. Augustine with his 2 children. When not working, Mike likes to spend time with his family and friends. In his spare time he also volunteers at a nonprofit Christian Children’s Ranch for boys and girls where he helps kids, teens and their families.


Pam has been with Diva Stuff since Kym was formulating products out of her kitchen. She often volunteered to help out after work and on weekends. She was able to retire early from teaching and started working full time for Diva Stuff when Kym did almost 2 years ago. She has been trusted with the job of making all of the face scrubbies and several other products. But do not let her sweet face fool you, just try to go near her shrink wrap station!


Sharon was one of Kym’s very first customers on Ebay. She advised Kym to start a Facebook page for Diva Stuff where she posted and promoted Diva Stuff daily. Soon after she was running the page and she does a fabulous job. She posts contests, information and photos as well as answer customer questions at the speed of light. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and get to know Sharon. She is loved by all! By the way we still haven’t even met yet.


This crazy, fun loving girl started out as our commercial cleaning lady. Shortly after starting cleaning she started working part time and then she sold her commercial cleaning business and is now full time with Diva Stuff. She brings lots of laughter and energy to the shop plus, she makes a lot of the bath bombs, bubble bars and all of that delicious Krack Kandy. In addition she sends the FBA orders out to Amazon and she also likes to organize the shop and unpack boxes (well not sure about the unpacking stuff, but she often gets stuck doing it anyway).


Two years ago when business boomed almost over night, Kym found a warehouse in a plaza to work out of. After being there a week Kym noticed a hair salon across the street and walked on over to get schedule an appointment. This is where she met Angel. Conversation started and the rest is history. Angel started coming in on her days off just help out. She is completely addicted to creating new formulas and manufactures large amounts of products for private labels. Kym hates to leave early because she never knows what Angel will get into next. We often find concoctions hidden around the shop with Angels name on them.


Manuela is Dylan’s mother and Paula’s aunt. She is a very hardworking and dedicated individual who is very productive at work. She loves to fill and label products.


Gail is Kym’s mom and is our winter Diva. Do not make a mistake when Kym’s mom is in town because you will not hear the end of it. She likes to make samples, fill containers and inspect everyone else’s work. She calls herself ” Head of Quality Control”. She also likes to take all of the aprons home, wash them and then forget to bring them back.

Irma Sue

Irma Sue is the resident baker and brings in brownies and sweet treats often. She loves to make bath bombs and dances around the table while making them. Another one with a sweet face with lots of crazy hidden secrets that we can’t share here. She thanks us often for “letting” her work at Diva Stuff. She doesn’t know it but we would never let her go.


Mary is another one that we called in when things got hectic. She came in that day and never left. Mary happily fills containers and likes to come up with new ways to fill things. She also enjoys promoting Diva Stuff and coming up with brochure ideas and other venues to sell on. She is always watching out for the staff and making sure everyone is okay.


Astin is a loving wife, and mother of two precious little girls. She loves to be helpful and enjoys making bathbombs, lip balms and other things. She spends most of her time in the shipping room packing and moving heavy boxes. Her favorite part of the day is lunch time. Where she always enjoys her bag of Cheetos.


Bunny is Mike’s mom. She can pack a mean acne spot treatment. In addition she enjoys the accounting aspect of it and helps print shipping labels and pulling products.  We come in to work to find jars of chocolate left behind by the real Easter “Bunny”.  She denies it but her son admits it is her.


Dylan is Manuela’s son and Paula’s first cousin. Dylan is going to college to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Supervision. Dylan works at Diva Stuff whenever he has the day off from his full time job at Publix Super Markets (By now you can probably tell he is a very busy young man). He loves to work on the Diva Stuff website and help around where ever help is needed.


Laura is a student in high school and she loves photography! Kym was her elementary school art teacher and she missed her so much that she decided to work for her.


Abby is a student in high school and she loves to play soccer.