Anti-Cellulite Coffee Grinds Massage Soap Bar


  • Cellulite Reducing Soap Bar
  • Massage Nodules
  • Coffee Cake Scent
  • Large 6 Oz Bar


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Please understand that this is a messy soap bar because the coffee grinds do fall out. If you are not okay with that then try our Pineapple Orchid Cellulite soap bar or our new anti cellulite soap bar that contains coffee extract and dead sea clay. Coffee grinds anti cellulite soap bar made using ingredients that are known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. In addition it has massage nodules to help provide for a deep tissue massage to break up fatty pockets. Coffee stimulates circulation,kelp draws out impurities and reduces puffiness, juniper berry works on the fatty layers by reducing fluid retention and grapefruit tightens and tones. Wonderful coffee cake scent!

Ingredients: Glycerin Soap, Coffee Grinds, Kelp Powder, Juniper Berry Powder, Grapefruit Oil, Fragrance

Directions: Use in the shower or bath and massage in a circular motion over areas of concern. Rinse thoroughly and follow with one of Diva Stuffs’ anti cellulite creams.


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