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Birthday Cupcake Bath Bomb and Soap Bar with Surprise Ring Inside, Size 8


Give as a gift to someone special

Surprise gift ring inside each one, size 8

Smells great and is handcrafted with high quality ingredients in the U.S.A.

Bath Bomb With Soap Bar on Top

Drop in the tub and enjoy the fizzing and skin soothing bath bomb while waiting for your surprise to float to the top

95 in stock

Our Birthday Cupcake Bath Bomb in Green has a size 8 sterling silver ring inside. Some have gems and some do not. The total weight of the bomb and soap is about 6oz. When the bomb is finished fizzing away the ring will float to the top and its not over yet. You can use the frosting piece which is a soap bar for several days. Fun, exciting and cool gift. Will come with a decorative cupcake wrapper too. If you want a gift message inside just let us know!
Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, witch hazel, fragrance, color
Directions: Drop into a warm bath enjoy your bath and new ring



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