Blue Agave & Rose Water Age Defying Facial Mist


  • Contains Bearberry Oil
  • 50ml Spray Bottle
  • Rose Water Mist For Aging Skin
  • Refreshing and Absorbs Quickly
  • Blue Agave Nectar Infusion

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This new product is quite a mix of fabulous ingredients for aging skin. Use it anytime you want, at night before bed, during the day as a refresher, over or under make up too. It contains several ingredients that promote healthier, younger looking skin. What do these ingredients do? The carbohydrates found in blue agave are capable of drawing moisture close to the skin providing powerful hydration while fructose can protect against environmental stress. Blue Agave can protect, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Bearberry extract is reputed to have antibacterial and antioxidant properties that may be beneficial for cleansing the skin and improving its appearance. Benefits of FSS Dermal Respiratory Factor Advanced PF are Global Metabolic Stimulant, Efficacious Soothing Benefits, Promotes Wound Healing, Stimulates Collagen Production, Stimulates Elastin Production, and Increases Cellular Respiration. Rose Rose has natural cleansing properties that can reduce wrinkles, fine lines and skin inflammation. This product contains Diamond Extract as well which honestly is a luxuriant ingredient that is designed to enhance the marketing appeal of cosmetic applications by evoking an intense and unique sense of extravagance and exclusivity. Now who can deny Diamond Extract in their skin care products? Fun, Fun, Fun! • Stimulates Elastin Production • Increases Cellular Respiration

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Rose Water, Liquid Glycerin, Fss Respiratory Dermal Factor, Bearberry Extract, Blue Agave Nectar Ferment, Diamond Extract, Fragrance, Liquid Germal Plus

Directions: Spritz on skin as often as desired. Can use before or after makeup at night or morning.


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