Five Fruit Facial Anti Aging Face Mask With Banana, Papaya and Pineapple


About the Product:

  • Contains Vitamin C, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple and More
  • Yogurt and Marula Oil Too
  • Smells Fantastic
  • Fruit Acid Mask For Younger and Smoother Skin
  • 2 oz Bottle

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If you want younger, smoother and softer skin then this face mask is for you. It contains several fruits that are known for their AHA benefits. In addition it contains marula oil, yogurt green tea and more. When yogurt is applied topically, it increases the moisture content of the treated area . This makes skin more elastic and improves brightness. Green tea is known to have the highest concentration of catechins and polyphenols. In simple terms, they are nothing but antioxidants that help in destroying the free radicals to retain your vibrant, youthful look. The Vitamin A present in banana restores the lost moisture and repairs the damaged, dull and dry skin. In addition this mask contains coconut, honey, meadowfoam oil, pineapple , passion fruit and more. Apply a thin layer to dry skin, rinse when dry. If you feel a tingling sensation rinse immediately.

kaolin clay,passion fruit, plantain, banana, coconut oil, papaya, pineapple,coconut milk, honey, vitamin c, citric acid, marula oil, soda water, yogurt, green tea oil, aloe gel, blueberry seeds, gel emu, fragrance, liquid germal plus

Apply a thin layer to dry face and neck, rinse when dry and follow with a moisturizer. Rinse immediately if you feel a tingling sensation. Some people are very sensitive to fruit acids.


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