India’s Exotic Facial For Blackheads And Acne, 2oz Jar


Made with turmeric

Dissolves blackheads and whiteheads

All natural


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This is a scrub form of our wildly popular India’s Secret Face Scrubbies.  Please note that is product is not for sensitive skin. It is made with ingredients that help purge pores and then tighten them back up. In addition to turmeric and baking soda this product has papaya powder in it. Papaya has unique qualities because it can actually break down fats and sebum.


Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, sodium laureth sulfate, turmeric, papaya powder, lemongrass powder, kaolin clay, cornstarch, honey powder, cinnamon oil, lime oil, aloe oil

Directions: Splash water on to face and then pinch out desired amount of product (nickel size is perfect). Massage over face using hands, washcloth or face brush. Rinse clean and follow with one of our moisturizers.




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