Fireball Flavored Liquid Juice, Bold Flavor, Best NFREE Vapor Juice


Unique Flavors
Nicotine Free


Our Vape Juice is made especially for those who love ultra strong flavor. The mix is 60 vg/ 30 flavored pg/ 10 sweetener. The juice is thinner than most because of the pg and flavor content. Our vape juice is FREE of NIC!  Benefits of thinner vape juice are:

1)Less Gunk: The low density of the juice also means that gunk doesn’t build up on the heating element of your vaporizer as fast as it does when thicker vegetable glycerin liquid is used.
2)Thinner Consistency: Due to the fact that propylene glycol has a runny consistency, PG e-liquid is thinner than the VG variety, and is easily absorbed by the polyfill and cotton fabric inside cartomizers and wick tanks.

Listing is for 1, 30ml bottle with a dripper top


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