Moroccan Oasis Bubble Bar – Hibiscus Scent w/ Hibiscus Flowers


Moisturizing Solid Bubble Bath Bar
Moroccan Oasis Bath Soak With Flowers
Hibiscus Scent
Great For Travel


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Bubble bars are fun to use and make, however, they take a lot of time and tender loving care to manufacture. Our bubble bars are made using high quality ingredients that nourish dry skin and make lots of bubbles. For best results crumble under running water, adjust the pressure of the running water to create desired amount of bubbles. Check back for more winter bubble bars by Diva Stuff. This bar is good for one to two baths. It will surround you in hibiscus flower and jet back jojoba bead will dissolve in the water for extra skin softening properties.
Ingredients: baking soda, cream of tartar, liquid glycerin, olive oil, sodium laureth sulfate, flowers, colorant, fragrance
Directions: Crumble under warm running water and adjust the water to provide the desired amount of bubbles



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