Slimming Gel By Diva Stuff, For Use With Waist and Thigh Trainers


Menthol helps to accelerate the fat burning process in areas such as the legs or abdomen.
Chili seed oil and ginger warms the surface and helps sweat out toxins
Indian Ginseng and caffeine stimulates circulation
Pink grapefruit tightens loose skin

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Slimming gel by Diva Stuff is made to be used with waist trainers or thigh trainers during workouts. It can be used alone but you will get maximum results if used with a belt made to encourage sweating and the release of toxins. This gel you will feel working almost instantly. Massage on area before working out or before putting on the waist or thigh trainer belts. Comes in a 4 ounce bottle.

aloe gel, menthol, chili seed oil, Indian ginseng, caffeine, derma peptide warming, coconut oil, green tea oil, pink grapefruit oil, ginger steam root, fragrance

Apply to troubled areas before working out, adding a waist trainer or thigh trainer makes the product even more effective


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