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General Feedback and Reviews
I’ve ordered a number of products from you and LOVE them all! They are awesome. I’ve been using the Anti-Cellulite Coffee Soap and love the scent so much I’ve used it all over! Your products are unique and smell heavenly. Thanks so much! – Ann
Today, I got out all of my products I bought from you and had myself a spa day!!! It’s just what I needed!!!! I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products, for making them affordable…and the little extras you send in the package! I will be a lifetime customer for sure!!! – Jacinda
I just love your products. I am 72 and never expected to see a significant difference in my skin until I started using your products. They are incredible. I know you get exhausted but believe me, your work is making a lot of women like me feel happier and better physically too. So thank you for all that you do. – Nancy
So wonderful that you make them yourself!! This was my 1st purchase from you, but seriously your stuff is amazing! Girl, you have some serious talent!! – Chantelle
Hi Kym, I have been using my new products for about a month now, and again I am impressed! I am so thankful to have found Diva Stuff and am excited by the new offerings I see featured on your Facebook page. You are truly amazing! – Michele
I have tried almost every product you send, AND I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! Your items ARE WAY BETTER THAN you describe. I will be back for much much more. I am going to tell all my friends too. I can’t believe the quality of these products. My feedback can’t even begin to describe your products, store, shipping, communication and quality. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!! – A Diva
Thank you so much, you always have some interesting new products and they work much better than the name brand products in the store. I’m always amazed at what I purchase. As long as you and your business exist I will continue to support your products and keep doing business with you. -Melissa
I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I had received this Blackhead Disolver with my order of Acne Spot Treatment and I have to tell you that the dissolver is the most amazing product that I have EVER tried. It didn’t even hurt. Matter of fact it felt great. And my skin looks great. I even get a bit teary now just from how much I thank you for this product. – A Diva
Total kuddos to you! I have spent a pretty penny in the past on items promising me to help with my battle of the cellulite. I bought your soap, and after only two weeks, I can honestly see an improvement! I use this in the morning, then apply some Anti-Cellulite Cream. I wish I would have taken a before picture! Anyways, I just wanted to give your product a two thumbs up, and I hope you make it big with this! I am trying to think of an outlet to sell your product here, as I am totally sold on it! Thank you, thank you! – Janell
Wonderful, thank you so much! I am seriously in love with the scrubbies & my skin looks better than it has in years. – A Diva
Anti-Bacterial Pillow Mist
Reviewer: Hatti Baldwin from Corpus Christi, TX United States

As I do, my son has a hard time getting to sleep/staying alseep. This is a great product for people of any age. I love it and my son would remind me at bedtime “what about my pillow spray? It helps me sleep and it smells good mommy” so I would spray give me hugs and kisses, we would say our prayers, and he would peacefully get his rest. I am highly recommending this product.  If there were 10’s I would give all a 10! You have to try it!

Reviewer: Sharon Carpenter from Newburgh, IN United States
Love this antibacterial pillow mist, the lavender scent helps me fall asleep.
Charcoal and Vodka Soap
Reviewer: Sharon Carpenter from Newburgh, IN United States
Clears up acne that you may have on chest and back.
Blemish Bomb
Reviewer: Patricia Garcia from tooele, UT United States

This product is a amazing! It works so well. I’m so impressed with all the Diva stuff I have tried so far.

Reviewer: Sarah B from Wilmington, NC United States

I have spent so much $$ looking for a product that actually works, and does it without over drying. Look no further than Blemish Bomb!

Reviewer: Michelle Wood from Henderson, TX
I got this as part of a custom kit and it is wonderful.  It’s perfect for everyday acne that pops up. I am 38 and have battled this a long time.  I love that it has so many ingredients that are natural and smells fantastic!  A little goes a long way and I will buy again when I need it.  Very effective, use it often, it does work.  Acne spot treatment  is recommended for deeper cystic acne.  Loved this just as much.  Spot treatments are more effective, natural,  and affordable that others I have tried.  Im done searching!
Reviewer: klm from IL United States

I thought id give it a try and within a couple days, my chin was cleared up. And like the other reviews, it feels good and smells great. Not sure whats in this but its amazing. The regular size is vrry small and i want to swim in this stuff so wish could get in larger size.  Just try this.  You will love!

Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Los angeles, CA United States

i received a sample of this in my order. I had a pimple in the middle of my forehead so i decided to put this on that area…i have to say honestly the pimple shrunk in just seconds. The same night i applied some to my whole face, i couldn’t stop touching my face, it was so soft.  i highly recommend it. love the ingredients also

Reviewer: Erin from North Carolina

This phrase is going to take me back to something I would say as a child, but this blemish bomb really IS “da bomb!” To me, it smells kind of like bubble gum! Yummy! And it tingles. It is suitable to use before makeup because it will sink right into your skin.

Reviewer: Liliana Angeles from San Pedro Sula, Cortes Honduras

Is a very powerful gel against blemish, in my case take 2 to 3 days to dry, and do not leave me any mark or scar as this is a natural gel.  Es un gel fuerte contra barros, en caso dura de 2 a 3 dias para secarla, no me deja marcas ni cicatrices.

Reviewer: Alicia Andrews from Creedmoor, NC United States
I love the Diva Blemish Balm. It smells so good and feels great on the skin with a light tingle. I use it all day long. It seems to help with my blemishes.
Reviewer: iLoveDivaStuff from USA

Smells good, and great to use in the mornings so no one can see! I use the “Best Acne Treatment you will ever find” clay at night and while I sleep.

Reviewer: Sharon Carpenter from Newburgh, IN United States

This stuff is incredible.  I put it on and put a band aid over it and sleep with it on  and the blemish is gone over night. Fantastic product!

Charcoal, Honeysuckle and Vodka Spot Treatment
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Burke, VA United States

The prices for these spot treatment’s are perfect!. The product does exactly what it’s suppose to do. I love it. U can literally see it shrinking your pimple!

Reviewer: Beatriz from East Orange, NJ United States

I suffer from severe adult acne I tried everything Honeysuckle is #1 herb that fights skin diseases & skin inflammation. I have not found any products willing to add this powerful herb to an acne treatment till I  came across Diva Stuff products. I 1st used this product yesterday & instantly felt a difference on my cystic acne. This morning was a shocker! My cystic acne dried up & my blemish areas became less inflamed. With 1 treatment this product seriously went to war w/my moderate&severe acne, especially w/cystic acne & showed immediate results of improvement u can see the next day. I am impressed & will forever be a faithful client 2 DIVA STUFF!!! GREAT WORK! U guys did what no other company tried and that’s including Honeysuckle herb into acne treatment & it works! Try using Honeysuckle herb in facial washes, acne cream , or lotion just a thought. For those who suffer any acne I recommend you this product along w/other acne products Diva Stuff has which I purchased as well.

Reviewer: Erin from North Carolina

I use this for drying up blemishes, especially those stubborn cysts that can take forever to go away. I apply this after I have washed my face to each individual spot and allow it to dry until it gets rather crumbly and can be rinsed off. Just a little advice though – don’t apply this to an open wound like a popped pimple because if the black residue gets into it, it could discolor your skin.

Reviewer: iLoveDIVASTUFF~ from USA

This product is extremely fast at working, smells good, feels good, I love it! Woke up and pimples were smaller, works faster than the other Spot Treatments. Would recommend to anyone who can handle strong scents and face tingles.

Reviewer: Alicia Andrews from Creedmoor, NC United States
The Vodka acne spot treatment is amazing. I dab a little bit on a blemish at night and by morning it has gone down. I also very much enjoy the smell.
Reviewer: Jennifer Stephens from Kennewick, WA United States

I use this on any cystic acne spots I feel coming on and cover with a bandaid at night. After two nights of doing so, the cystic acne never comes to a head and is completely gone! My favorite acne product so far!

Reviewer: Danielle from New York, NY United States

I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried numerous amounts of Diva Stuff products and have been blessed to have finally found products that work for me. When my 12 year old son and I get a pimple here and there we use this spot treatment. I can honestly say that the blemish ends up a good 90% gone by the following day. Please note that this product is a powerful little thang and a little goes a long way. We can’t be without it.

Best Spot Acne Treatment
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Reno, NV United States

I have struggled with severe acne for years. I have tried everything imaginable for it, and not a thing worked. I ordered this product a few weeks ago, and ALL of it is gone. I am shocked and love this product. I just dab the pimple before I head off to bed and wash it off it the morning and the results are amazing.

Reviewer: Danielle Bonefont from New York, NY United States

Whenever I get a pimple on my face, I just apply a dab of this three times a day. I leave it on while I’m helping my boys with their homework, cooking, etc. It almost always takes care of it in one day. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: Sharon Carpenter from Newburgh, IN United States

I have spent hundreds of dollars elsewhere trying to find something to help my adult acne to no avail. This product is incredible and it works quickly. My teenage sons are using it now and they love it! Best product ever!!

Reviewer: David Lee from Los Angeles, CA United States

It works better than the chemical heavy products found in stores.  All the ingredients are natural, and putting on over night really helped reduce breakouts.  Cheaper than most acne products on the market, but twice as effective!

Reviewer: iLoveDivaStuff from USA

Clears away pimples and pimple redness over night. It feels as if someone is massaging your face. A little does go a long way. I would recommend this to anyone!

Reviewer: Amalia Introna from Iowa City, IA United States

I was extremely impressed with how easily this product brought my acne to the surface. I typically have to use products like glamglow or prid multiple times before I see those kind of results, this product literally took seconds!

Reviewer: Brittany B. from MI United States

This stuff has a refreshing tingle when you put it on. I’ve used it by putting it on the pimple, letting it dry a few minutes and then rinsing it off.  It makes the pain of the pimple go away and makes them shrink! It’s only taken one use to get the pimples to start to go away. Hasn’t dried out the skin like most other spot treatments!

Reviewer: Erin from North Carolina

Diva stuff has so many wonderful spot treatments to choose from! This is something to leave on pimples while you sleep or if you’re just going to be at home for the day. It will dry and then you can rinse it off. It shrinks blemishes without stripping away moisture.

Reviewer: Kayla Hughes from Tallahassee, FL United States

Probably the most amazing and effective stuff I have used for my acne in years! I am in absolute shock at the results. I’m ready to buy my next batch. The product is fresh and the ingredients are delish. THANK YOU DIVA STUFF

Reviewer: Mary Guagliardo from Florida, United States

This spot treatment helped eliminate majority of my acne problems in less than 2 days! I use it all the time, and will definitely be purchasing again in the future! Thank you!

Reviewer: Sarah Waymire from Williamsburg, VA United States

I have had reoccurring problems with adult acne for the past 6 yrs now. I recently had a major breakout, I had just ordered this spot treatment. The day I got it, I started using it-it literally gets rid of my acne within 2 days!!! I usually use a prescription spot treatment-not anymore!! Thank you so much Diva Stuff!!

Reviewer: Nellie Martinez from manhattan, KS United States

Best acne treatment ever! I put this stuff on my face before I fall asleep and when I wake up almost all my pimples are flat! Ive tried everything out there and nothing works as fast as this !

Reviewer: Liliana Angeles from San Pedro Sula, Cortes Honduras

I really love this spot treatment, smell really good, thanks to the clay dry my blemish really fast, love the essential oils, dry my blemish but not my skin, sincerly love this stuff.  Realmente me gusta mucho este tratamiento, huele bien, y gracias a la arcilla seca mis granos muy rapido, me encanta que esta hecho de aceite esenciales, seca mis granos pero no mi piel, realmente amo mucho todo esto.

Reviewer: Jennifer Stephens from Kennewick, WA United States

I use this on any mild to moderate acne as an overnight spot treatment and its always gone 90% by the next day! Love it!!

Watermelon and Tea Tree Face Scrubbies
Reviewer: Sharon Carpenter from Newburgh, IN United States

I love the combination of the Watermelon and Tea Tree. It smells great and leaves skin feeling clean and healthy.

Reviewer: Erin from North Carolina

If you love citrus, you’ll love these face scrubbies! I will caution you not to use them on pimples that you may have popped because it will sting and burn… You should probably save the scrubbing and exfoliating stuff for when your breakouts diminish.

Reviewer: Jennifer Stephens from Kennewick, WA United States
Really love the smell of these and how they tingle a little bit every time i use them. it has really helped smooth an even out my skin tone and help keep my skin clear.
Reviewer: Erin from North Carolina

When I first purchased this, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it because it smells a little strange – not bad, just different – BUT it has become my favorite Diva stuff product that I use each and every time I wash my face. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and soft. I had horrible cystic acne on my chin, which I have worked really hard to clear up… But, I have to give most, if not all of the credit, to Diva stuff products, especially this one!

Reviewer: Mary Guagliardo from Florida, United States

This scrub is rough and tough on acne, but is still gentle enough to not dry out your skin. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after every use. The smell, the tingle, and every other detail of this product is superb!

Reviewer: Ashley from Fountain Inn, SC United States

LOVE this stuff! ALL my blackheads were gone after one use and my large pores that I have to look at everyday were GONE! I have never seen my pores so small! Plus, my face was left so soft and natural feeling clean! This product is a must have, try it if you haven’t!

India’s Secret
I was so intrigued by the ‘face scrubbie’ format that I had to try it – it surpassed my expectations! I have tried so many products over the years to clear up my skin …. from the strongest products with harsh chemicals that left my skin dried out to trying to make my own “natural” concoctions which were just far too messy and time consuming for me. These face scrubbies are the right solution for me!
I’ve had incredibly stubborn clogged/ enlarged pores/ blackheads on my nose for years. Biore strips do literally nothing, and no Rx or over the counter acne product has really solved this problem. Otherwise, I have combination oily/ dry skin and the occasional breakout.
These little scrubbies are incredible. You wet the little washcloth square that’s covered in the magic potion and give yourself a cinnamon scented facial. I do this every morning and let the bubbles sit on my face and tingle for a minute. After, my pores felt more supple? As an experiment, I did a Biore strip on my nose, and IT REMOVED TONS AND TONS OF BLACKHEADS/ clogged pores or whatever! FINALLY! So I think that these actually loosen or start to break down (gross sorry) your blackheads, but don’t actually remove them from your pores.
Call me a believer! Bought these for my newly teenaged son who has an oily T-zone and gets blackheads around his nose and chin. I used this every other night for a week, and the blackheads are either gone or significantly shrunk in appearance. He has very young skin and tiny pores, so maybe that makes a difference in how effective this cleanser is, but for him, it worked. His T-zone also is no longer oily and overall that area of his face looks bright, clean and less “spotty.” If you don’t have a serious acne problem and are looking for something to control oil and blackhead growth, I’d give this a try. There were about 8 pieces in the container, you can cut them into thirds, and each can be used 2-3 times (just store it so it dries), so the cost is not outrageous since the product should last awhile.
I have tried about 10 different Diva Stuff items. I am obsessed with them all. The fragrances, quality, natural ingredients, and success of my skin have made me ditch all my store-bought junk. Although the “diva” name isn’t my favorite, because it normally can mean annoying and mean women, the products are beyond amazing. I continue to order more and more products from them. I LOVE the fact that they send samples with every purchase too. It makes you feel like someone really cares on the other end. It’s so rare for you to get anything extra these days without paying for it. However, my skin has never looked better, smelled better, and I have never felt better about using products like this. The pads all last way longer than a few washes too. I just set them on top of the jar in the shower and rotate between a few different pads each shower. They each last almost a week that way.
Coffee Grind Anti-Cellulite Soap Bar
OMG! What can be more suitable? This bar is “DA’ BOMB” !!!!! I love the way it makes my thighs feel, so revived, and my skin so soft from the exfoliation. I happened to love the coffee smell too. I ordered 2, and today I’m reordering—I think I’m hooked. Bottom Line: I’ve been using the bar 1- 2 x’s a day (am/pm) for about 4 weeks, along with Finulite Lotions (another product sold on amazon). I’m not sure which one had the most affect–but people keep saying to me” are you losing weight?…look at you, you’re slimming down huh?”. I’m all like not really, but I can see a marked improvement in the appearance of the cellulite in my thighs and buttocks!. I’m optimistic again because cellulite is B@#$% to improve let alone remove. Drinks lots of water & keep moving! I hope this review is helpful to someone! 🙂
I use it to clean, lightly scrub the skin. I find that using seaweed soap sometimes surprisingly enters my dream world after using it, as did what happened with this type. This is the first time I have used this brand of seaweed soap. This seaweed soap has the aroma of a deep ocean, and sets it apart from other seaweed bars that I have used. Seaweed soap is my favorite soap, and it is nice that there are different types available. This was also the first time I used soap that has also salt from the Dead Sea. I am unsure of how long lasting it is compared to other seaweed soap brands.
Boom Popsicle Lip Scrub
This product puts Lush’s lip scrub to shame!
I bought this on a whim. It has only been two days and I already love it. My lips tend to be dry and flaky. This fixes those problems.
Coconut Cream Pie Hair Treatment
My hair is so unruly and so curly. This Coconut Nourishing stuff is perfect to tame my mop. I use it about once a week the jar lasts so long. What a great by. It is the only thing that has ever worked on my hair!
I have thick long curly hair and suffer from super dry oily dandruffy hair.
I put this on once and left it in because of how thick my hair is.
My hair is so shiny so healthy. I stopped shedding completely.
My split ends are gone I don’t even know how?
It smells like sweet coconuts *_*
My dandruff is little to none now. When I go to the salon I use it as my conditioner and everyone wants to know what it is and how it made my hair so soft and beautiful. I shared it with everyone my whole family’s switching to it and i’m excited to try other conditioners from diva stuff!
Keep in mind everyone is different so this product may not work as fast or as well as it did for me when you try it but I 3,000% recommend you try it!!!! Did I mention I use it all the time and the bottle is still half full <3